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The Battle For Harrisonville

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Harrisonville was the place to be Mother's Day weekend when the NDL rolled into town on the next leg of it's championship tour. There was a lot of talent and some great sportsmanship displayed as the teams battled it out to be the next NDL winner. The local teams smelled fresh meat when team Dynasty came in a little late from their trek down from Topeka. But it was long before the K.C teams realized they had a long day ahead of them. Dynasty started off hot taking out the hometown favorites "The Outlaws" in the first game of the round robin play. They never looked back and swept all takers with a perfect record heading into the double elimination tourney.

Their first victims were The Living Dead who had an awesome showing in the round robin. But it was Team Powerball that gave them the most trouble in the first round. Team Powerball eventually fell to Dynasty and landed in the in the losers bracket going up against The Living Dead. And what a match it was - ending on twin sacrifice fly plays that finally killed The Living Dead.

Powerball continued their climb through the bracket taking down a tough Outlaws team setting up a rematch with the boys from up the road - Team Dynasty.

Depspite some spirited dodgeball, Powerball could not knock out Dynasty. And in the end, the local crowd could only look on as Dynasty took home the victory and prepared for their trip to Vegas.

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