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Who's Top Dog In Sudbury?

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What a great day for dodgeball in sunny Sudbury, Massachusetts. The teams arrived early and prepared to play. Boston players play often and were excited to prove themselves on the NDL court. During the rules meeting I could feel the excitement pouring out of all of the athletes. The teams shot out of a cannon during the round robin play. I saw things that I have never seen before and previously thought impossible to accomplish on a dodgeball court. I really had no idea who was going to take it in the bracket games. I did know one thing though; whoever was going to win was definitely going to represent the east properly at the world championships in Las Vegas this August. Noak Nine looked impressive early, but it turned out their flashy uniforms were the only thing worth mentioning in bracket play. Big Mistake, although getting to the venue late looked impressively agile and quick.

A rivalry was brewing right on front of the fans and my eyes that Saturday. We had the pleasure of witnessing a Red Sox/Yankee type rivalry on the dodgeball court. Team Hood, a young vibrant team out of Boston and The Yorkvillans of New York City both looked great and quickly gained the attention of all of the fans at the Velocity Sports Center. Team Hood had some tough battles against the Quinzy Stingas and Darth Balls, but was able to advance into the championship round without a lose. The Yorkvillans were sent to the loser's bracket by a sleeper team called Faith +1. As fate would have it, Team Hood and the Yorkvillans met in the finals. With the double elimination standards Team Hood would have to lose 4 of 6 games in order to lose to the determined New Yorkers. Both teams were so ready for the challenge. With the lights of Vegas as their motivation the pain and heat was not felt, nobody felt the turf burn or jammed fingers from the rigorous play throughout the day. Team Hood captured the first win, but that motivated the Yorkvillans even more. They never gave up and won the next two. It was down to one more match best of three, who wanted it more? Team Hood regrouped and won the first one.

The passionate screams of the athletes filled the Velocity Center and fans could feel the intensity. It came down to a last dodgeballer standing for Team Hood and a great multi-ball, high/low throw, eliminated him to give Yorkvillans the win. It came down to the last game. Winner takes all. It was a great dodgeball game. Action packed from start to finish. Team Captain, John Murphy of Team Hood showed a great performance, and had some key catches in the victory over the Yorkvillans. Team Hood was going to Las Vegas. Both teams gave it their all and put on a great show.

It was a good day for dodgeball. Boston is no joke and they have some great athletes ready to play. I am excited to see if an east coast team can take the world championships this August.

After 4 hours of dodgeball the athletes were so tired, but we still had more dodgeball to play. The Last Dodgeballer Standing was hectic and was won by Adam of Darth Balls and Elpida of The YorkVillans.

Thanks to all of the teams, the fans, Velocity Sports Center, and the city of Sudbury, MA.

Rob "hometown" Immel

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