National Dodgeball League Amateur Association

Who reached the top in Seattle?

By: Chase Feindel

To say the competition was stiff is an understatement. All the teams in each field had come from the top of their local mountain. But this was no small pond for the so called big fish. Teams came from all over to make their mark in the National Dodgeball League. All Gods People traveled all the way from San Diego to prove that their local church produced the potent players. The Portlanders all the way from Portland looking to make a name for the Recess Dodgeball League. The Hazbins, Vikings, Spartans, Skyrockets, and 206ers came locally to prove that Seattle's best already resided in the rainy city.

Men's Division

As we awaited game time I couldn't help but overhear the chatter about resounding confidence in each team. The time finally came for the talk to be walked. As we did round robin play no real team emerged. In fact at the end of round robin only one game separated three teams. The Hazbins and AGP tied for the 1st seed and 206ers a close 2nd. The Spartans struggled early but came on late upsetting AGP in first round and moving on to the Semi's. The Hazbins took care of 206ers and moved on as well. In the losers bracket it was AGP vs 206ers both teams with home in sight. AGP sent the 206ers packing and moved on to await the loser of the Hazbins and Spartans. The Spartans got out in front but the Hazbins as the were all day were cool and collected. A team with more life experience outlasted the Spartans athleticism and pure talent with patient and big plays. A controversial call had the Spartans all shaken up.

The question was could they get it together because AGP was next! The call proved to much to overcome as AGP defeated the talented Spartans in two games. So now two remains, The Locals vs The Well Traveled, the NDL rookies vs NDL veterans, two teams with one goal and only one VEGAS Bid available. AGP would have to beat them twice in order achieve tour stop greatness. A feat they failed to do in Orange County. The saying says "the third time is a charm" but AGP was hungry to prove that wrong. The first series went to three games and AGP prevailed. The second series is now a winner take all and again it went to game three. Both teams with there hands on their hips struggling to find their last wind, who wanted it more... The game answered that question, and AGP desire had overcome all odds.

Coed Division

The Portlanders were the favorite the whole way. Dominating the Round Robin and earning themselves a first seed in the elimination round. The took care of business and beat the Vikings a team from the local intramural college leage. AGP who played with no rest had the intimidating Skyrockets in the first round. The Skyrockets made a name for themselves. This was arguably the game of the day. A battle that had some asking, is this ever going to end? AGP experience pushed them to meet the Portlanders in the next round. Now it was Vikings and Skyrockets, the loser "say goodnight." Well the Skyrockets in game experience from the last match had them reading sweet bed time stories to the local college students. They awaited Portlanders and AGP. Winner moves on to the finals and The Portlander fresh legs proved to much once again as the dominance continued. Now it was a rematch, Skyrockets... AGP. The will in both teams but only one could win the fight and that's exactly as it was. A down right fight, three games of pure dodgeball. Each team peaked and making plays that had the other mouths open, but even great battle has an end and while this was no WW3 it sure was a battle of two classy teams. AGP once again prevailed. Now the finals, Could AGP come from behind in the Mens and the Co-Ed? The Portlanders were clearly the favorites in this one. They had dominated most of the day but AGP had other plans. But plans can't overcome dominance and it seemed will couldn't overcome exhaustion. The Portlanders were just to much, Winning the Co-Ed.

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