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Which team was the big star in Dallas?

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It was a great day for Dodgeball in the Dallas suburb of Southlake as teams faced off on the turf of The Stampede Sports Arena. The action started off light-hearted but got cranked up pretty quickly when two of the early favorites, Team Venom and The Bad News Pigs were forced to go head to head to break a round robin tie. They played a sudden-death game that would determine their seeding and foreshadow the tough competiton that was to follow. Venom won the match-up and secured the number one ranking heading into the bracket games.

As round-robin play ended and bracket play began, The Deciples of Dodgeball (DOD) a military team from Wichita Falls moved through the rankings as they took out the home field favorites, The Hammerheads. Success was fleeting, however, as DOD met their match when they went up against team Venom. Venom's victory pushed DOD into the losers bracket, setting up one of the most exciting matches of the day - The Disciples of Dodgeball versus the The Bad News Pigs. The loser would be out of the tournament. In the sudden death match-up DOD was up three players to one and it looked bleak for the Pigs. That was, until Shawn T., fired a rocket that took out two DOD players with one shot. The crowd went wild and less than a minute later the Pigs moved on and DOD was eliminated.

In the finals it was The Bad New Pigs, rising from the ashes of the losers bracket, going up against Venom for all the marbles. The Pigs would have to win two best-of-three-matches to defeat Venom who had been dominating the entire tournament. You could cut the tension with a knife as two teams that had battled all day long, once again went head-to-head in heated play. The defiant Pigs refused to go away without a fight. In the end,however, Venom finally put the Pigs back in their pen and took home the first place trophy and a chance to prove themselves at the World Championships in Vegas this fall.

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